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Pawn Shops

Ted's Pawn Shop

Pawn shops are prime targets for thieves. Criminals know pawn shops have a high concentration of valuable merchandise that can be quickly converted into cash, and they can get in and out before the police have a chance to arrive.

Pawn Shop

When you experience a loss, it is a nightmare dealing with the insurance company.  No loss is the best solution for pawn shops.  The best insurance for your cash is to have a proactive system like Sonitrol of SW Ohio protecting your building and safe. Sonitrol of SW Ohio has the best solution to stop losses before they occur.

Many people depend on pawnshops to help them meet their daily financial needs not met by other financial institutions. Customers represent the working families of America who have an unexpected need for a short term loan. Pawn loans keep the electricity on, rents paid and cars working. At Sonitrol of SW Ohio we can provide the assurances you need to keep your buisiness running 24/7 with customized intrusion detection, video monitoring and fire detection.

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