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DIY Tips to Help You Outsmart Burglars

'DIY Tips to Help You Outsmart Burglars' with burglar breaking window

There is nothing better than knowing that your home is safe and secure. The knowledge that your family and your valuables are protected from home invaders and burglars provides you with tremendous peace of mind.  


Services provided by security companies are often excellent investments because the sense of dependability that you get knowing an organization is ensuring your home’s safety is a bargain for the cost.  


However, there are many things you can do to ensure your home’s safety without the help of outside sources.  


These do-it-yourself tips are greatly helpful for those who want to do everything they can to improve their home’s security.  


This article will give you some tips and actions that every homeowner can take to help deter and outsmart burglars for years to come.  


The Best Tips in DIY Home Security 


The most effective thing you can do to improve your home's safety is to sign up for a private home security service. But for homeowners who want to go the extra mile, there are some actions you can take to stop burglars in their tracks.  


Security Cameras and Clearly Displayed Security Stickers Make Burglars Think Twice 


Many people believe that to get the full advantage of a security company all they need is a sticker or sign in the front of their yard with a security company’s logo. This is a myth. While fake security signs may stop opportunistic thieves, experienced burglars can see through them in seconds.  


The best warning signs you can have are certified security signs for a service you pay for and multiple visible security cameras. Knowledgeable burglars want an easy target. When you make it plain that you have invested in security measures for your home, a burglar with any brains will look elsewhere.  


Hide External Wiring 


If you have security cameras, then you are already far ahead of most other homeowners. However, if you have exposed or easily accessed wires then burglars with any sense will attempt to sever your power supply and bypass your cameras. Keep your external wiring hidden and secured to ensure your security measures are in working order. 


Hide Your Tools and Ladders 


Nothing is worse than having your own tools used against you in a break-in.  


An experienced burglar will likely have their own tools, but opportunists are more likely to use your property. Never leave screwdrivers, hammers, or ladders laying out in the open. Make sure your tools are locked up safely and out of the way of prying eyes.  


Keep Your Keys by Your Bed 


Your car alarm is one of the most powerful tools you have. If you hear something go bump in the night, simply push your ‘panic’ button. It will scare away burglars and is a much safer option than sneaking around your home to investigate.  


Never Reveal Your Location on Social Media 


How’s this for a disturbing trend? Many Americans think nothing of posting live updates from their vacations to their thousands of ‘friends’ on social media. While we never want to imagine that our friends would steal from us, the ugly truth is that we often don’t know people as well as we think. Do yourself a favor: save the vacation posts and ‘check-ins’ until after you get back from your trip.  


Invest in Self-Defense Weapons 


Guns can be a great self-defense tool if used responsibly, but many homeowners fear that a gun is more likely to harm a family member than an intruder. There's good news! There are many non-lethal self-defense options at your disposal. Consider tasers, pepper spray, or baseball bats as non-lethal alternatives. Just make sure that you keep them by your bed. The last thing you want is to need a weapon and find that it is on the other side of your house.  


Get a High-Quality Safe 


Safes are excellent options for keeping valuable items secure. From important documents to high-priced valuables, safes are secure places to store things that you don't want to fall in the wrong hands. Beyond that, if you do decide to purchase a gun, safes are excellent places to store these lethal weapons.  


Upgrade Your Locks and Windows 


34% of burglars enter your home through the front door and 22% enter through the back door. If you don’t have reliable locks on these key entry points, then you are susceptible to forced entry. Consult with a locksmith to find the best fit for you.  


Don’t forget about your windows! An unlocked window is an invitation. Always close and lock your windows when you are gone and be sure to check your window’s locks for signs of wear and tear.  


A Safer Home Starts with You 


Don't be fooled. While DIY home security is an excellent way to help improve your peace of mind, it is oftentimes not enough.  


The best thing you can do to ensure your home’s security is to invest in an accredited and trustworthy home security service.  


Go for the best. Go for Shiver Security.  


Founded in 1971, Shiver Security is overprotective and proud of it. We believe that there is no threat to your home that is too small. From smart home security to fire protection, we know that the most valuable things in life are right at home.  


Take your home security seriously. Contact Shiver Security now! 

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