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2023 Security Insights: From Threats to Opportunities?

2023 Security Insights: From Threats to Opportunities

As a business owner, you know that there are always new threats to your business. 2023 is no different. Some threats will become more relevant, and your business will need to adapt to address those changes.  

One of the best ways to stay on top of new threats is to pay attention to security trends and predictions by experts. 

This post will go over 2023 security insights and the threats and opportunities you must be aware of.  

Rising Threats to Business Security in 2023 

2023 is a year of new challenges and escalating threats that have carried over from previous years.  

Business owners must be aware of rising security threats in 2023 and one of those threats is cybersecurity. 

According to the State of Cyber Assets Report (SCAR) in 2023, cyberattacks are becoming increasingly destructive and disruptive. Furthermore, cyberattacks will continue to grow as the digital landscape grows.  

In short, the more cyberspace your business takes up, the more opportunities cyber criminals have to attack your business.  

The scale of the problem is becoming untenable. Instead of trying to reduce the complexity of the problem, businesses must accept the increasing complexity and rethink how they approach cyber security. This will be achieved through situational awareness and proactive approaches.  

Here are three threats that your business will need to take proactive measures to prepare for and fight against.  

Phishing is the Preferred Method of Hacking 

Phishing is a cyber-attack where an attacker imitates a legitimate person or organization to deceive unsuspecting individuals into revealing sensitive information, like usernames, passwords, credit card details, or other personal information.  

Most commonly, phishing attacks are carried out through deceptive emails, text messages, or fraudulent websites that emulate the appearance of trusted entities. These attacks aim to get users to willingly surrender their confidential information. 

The best way to stop these attacks is by training your employees about phishing attacks and how they can identify them.  

Strong passwords and multi-factor authentication measures are another way to stop phishing attacks in their tracks.  

Advanced anti-phishing tools and solutions can also help. Be on the lookout because security companies are aware of the threats that phishing attacks pose and are always producing new tools to help your business.  

Business Emails Can Be Compromised 

Due to the sophisticated nature of attacks in 2023, channels for relaying information can be compromised, sometimes without you realizing it for days or weeks. 

Phishing attacks are one prominent way business emails can be compromised. However, criminals can also enter using legitimate credentials, brute force hacking, malware, lack of security updates, or even insider threats.  

Here are three key ways to prevent compromised business emails.  

  • Educate your employees about the various types of email attacks and the security threats they can pose in 2023.

  • Implement strong password policies for your employees to use complex and unique passwords. Use password managers to generate and securely store passwords. Also, set regular intervals for password updates and avoid reusing them across multiple accounts. 

  • Email encryption tools help secure sensitive information that is transmitted via email. This ensures that even if your messages are intercepted the content remains encrypted and inaccessible to unauthorized parties.  

Identity Theft and Fraud are on the Rise 

Threats like identity theft and fraud will see an increase in 2023 and beyond. These threats can not only harm your business, but they can harm your employees too.  

Cybercriminals can impersonate employees, clients, or outside entities to try and gain information that they can use to steal sensitive information from your business or its employees.  

Like other threats, employee education, secure data handling, and limited access to user privileges are some of the best ways to prevent these threats and ensure that your employees and clients are safe from identity theft threats.  

The Direction of the Security Industry 

It is clear that cybersecurity threats will increase in 2023. But that doesn’t mean that physical security threats are going away.  

In 2023, businesses will need a balance of both cybersecurity and physical security measures to protect all of their assets.  

Sonitrol of SW Ohio is here for physical solutions, such as access control and verified audio and video intrusion, to protect your business assets.  

As a business owner, you need to understand the direction of the security industry in 2023 and onward so you can ensure that your business is equipped for any threats that come your way.  

Below are some 2023 security best practices you need to be aware of. 

  • Human-centric security design 

In 2023, the best security systems will place humans at the center of the experience. Rather than solely focusing on technical solutions, human-centric designs aim to create security systems, policies, and practices that are usable and understandable by their users.  

  • Security sustainability to enhance people management 

Security that helps sustainability and people management helps with employee training and awareness, hiring and onboarding, performance management, collaboration, continuous training, and more. Advanced security solutions in 2023 help make your people management capabilities better. 

  • Cybersecurity to enhance value creation 

Better cybersecurity makes your business more valuable. Better cybersecurity is a strong asset for your business as it will build trust between you and your clients and helps you identify opportunities for growth within your company.  

  • Threat exposure management 

In 2023, the best security systems will help your team manage its exposure to threats to ensure that criminals have minimal opportunities to attack your business. And those that do make attempts are quickly shut down.  

  • Cybersecurity validation 

Validating your cybersecurity is a must in 2023. Ensuring that valid users can use their online assets and that external threats are blocked is key to maintaining a successful security network. This will also help ensure that your security network is not overwhelmed by bulk or influx of threats.  

  • Platform consolidation 

One security innovation of 2023 is platform consolidation. Centralizing your cybersecurity operations in one place will make managing your security solutions easier and will ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.  

Better Business Security with Sonitrol of SW Ohio 

Sonitrol is expanding to meet your needs in today’s security environment. Your business needs a sophisticated mix of in-person security and online security tools to supplement your physical security efforts to protect your assets and repel security threats in 2023.  

As a business owner, you need to keep up with security trends to ensure that your business is prepared for whatever criminals throw at your business.  

Sonitrol of SW Ohio is here for all your business security needs. We offer physical security to keep your business secure and your sensitive assets safe. For better business security in 2023 and beyond, reach out to Sonitrol today! 

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