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Top Four Tips for Keeping Your Retail Store Secure

May 9, 2022  |  Retail Store Security, Tips

The results are clear, organized retail crime is not going away any time soon, and if retail businesses do not take action to prevent this crime, then they will sadly fall victim.  

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Pope & Shiver

Sonitrol of SW Ohio acquires Sonitrol of Butler County

July 14, 2020

Dayton, OH; July 13, 2020 – Sonitrol of SW Ohio has acquired Sonitrol of Butler County and their non-Sonitrol company Southwestern Ohio Security. The acquisition officially closed effective July 6th. The firm, that operates an independent franchise of Sonitrol, has served the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas since 1971. The expansion is reflective of both their ongoing commitment to local and surrounding communities as well as a market need in both the residential and commercial security sectors. Strategically, the acquisition affords consolidation, uniform local monitoring from their proven Central Station, and will establish additional market penetration in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky.   “We’re excited about the opportunity to do what we do best for even more people and businesses across Southwest Ohio and Central Ohio.”, says Chip Shiver, President of Shiver Security Systems and Sonitrol of SW Ohio. “Our technology, our local monitoring station, and our ever-important partnership with local police are the key factors in our continued growth. It’s always about people and we believe we have the very best talent in the region when it comes to professional security. Combining two organizations with a very similar footprint in relatively the same market makes this acquisition very exciting for us. Simply put, we are merging two longtime Sonitrol families, which creates additional market penetration for the organization.”   Mike Pope says, “The merger of our staffs will provide our clients with a local U.L. central station and an increased number of technicians to provide a level of service unmatched in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Many of our family members over the decades have been a part of our organization. Our dedicated and professional staff, who has been dependable and loyal for 48 years, are family too. Rex Shiver and Jim Pope built the foundation for both companies. I am sure that Rex and Jim are looking down and saying, ‘Congratulations sons.’”   Sonitrol of Butler County was established in the early 70’s by Mike Pope’s father, Jim Pope. Mr. Pope stepped in to take over from his father several years ago to grow and run their organization. Pope and Shiver share a similar story of family leadership. The two also recount a bit of nostalgia as Shiver’s father sold Pope’s father his Sonitrol franchise nearly fifty years ago. Sonitrol of SW Ohio continues to add local security professionals to their roster making them one of the largest security firms in our region.   About Shiver Security Systems, Inc. dba Sonitrol of SW Ohio Based in SW Ohio, Sonitrol of SW Ohio is a family owned and operated business that began and was founded by Rex Shiver in 1971. Still family owned and operated today, Sonitrol of SW Ohio provides sophisticated and verified security solutions for thousands of Commercial, Government, Medical, Retail, Schools, Financial, Defense, and residential clients in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky, Columbus, and Richmond, Indiana. Sonitrol of SW Ohio and its staff are dedicated to providing our customers “Piece of Mind” through our sophisticated solutions for all burglary, fire, panic/hold-up, and facility supervisory threats. Sonitrol of SW Ohio verified security and video technology combined with our UL listed local central station have assisted local police departments in apprehending thousands of burglars in SW Ohio and Northern Kentucky since 1971. Our founder adapted a mission which is still in effect today, “Building lifetime relationships with customers,

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Shiver Security Systems Tips for Carbon Monoxide Safety

June 1, 2018  |  Carbon Monoxide Safety, Tips

Protect your family & home from Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless gas produced by burning fuels otherwise known as the silent killer. Victims exposed to high levels of CO can become seriously ill or die within 15 minutes. It cannot be detected by humans. 

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Shiver Security is Constructing Relationships with the Lyric Platform

May 1, 2018

According to a recent article by CNBC, the confidence of homebuilders in the U.S. has risen this year. Builders say they are seeing rising demand from buyers, who are ready to pay a premium for new construction. When it comes to securing those new homes, the Lyric platform is a perfect fit with its intuitive interface and upscale look. Shiver Security Systems, Inc. of Dayton, OH is promoting the Lyric Controller and the Lyric Gateway to builders in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

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Max and Local Agents Seize $1M worth heroin on I-74, disrupt distribution from Chicago

April 1, 2018

Our beloved K-9 Max and local agents have seized $1M worth heroin on I-74 disrupting distribution from Chicago. Officer Joe, Max's handler, says that Max found 3 kilos of heroin. The car had already been checked by another dog and the officer put him on duty.

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